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Inflation is the one form of taxation that can be imposed without legislation.Milton Friedman

Token Specs

The token that Melts

Melt is an Ethereum ERC20 compliant token. It's been created 100% by our dev team. We have based ourselves on Ethereum because it is one of the most used platforms in the world of cryptocurrencies and has shown every day to be one of the best.

One of MELT's rules is to burn 1% of each transaction made.

MELT specs:

Contract address:


Total Supply (initial)

1.000.000 MELT (1 million MELT)



Deflation rate

1% of each transaction

Minimum MELT burn per transaction:

0.01 MELT

MELT distribution

Check MELT contract on Etherscan

Who We Are

We are Lovers of the blockchain technology

Melt's team is made up of people with experience in the Blockchain technology sector. This team is made up of individuals from different parts of the world with a shared trait. We all love crypto


Community Manager

Sir Pol

Lawyer & Community


Visual Designer & Founder


Since MELT is an ERC20 token, there's a list of compliant wallets we can recommend.

As long as we set up equality, we'll go in the right direction.


VinDAX (BTC / ETH / USDT Pairs)